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The medical training is different for physiatrists and physical therapists. As physical medicine and rehabilitation practitioners, physiatrists also have the ability to prescribe medication and perform additional non-surgical therapies like injections, which physical therapists don't have a medical specialty concerned with preventing, diagnosing, and treating disabling diseases, disorders. Physical medicine. Some of the common diagnoses and populations seen by inpatient physiatrists include spinal cord injury, brain, stroke, multiple sclerosis, polio, burn care, and musculoskeletal and paediatric rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is used to restoring something that has been damaged. Physiatrist are also trained in various areas such as strength and mobility and testing of functions,improvementin nerve conduction studies and electromyography and in out patient settings, they treat patients with muscle and joint injuries, pain syndrome and wounds. Rehabitation medicine is deals with prevention; diagnosis treatment.rehabitation is a helping of a person who has suffered an illness or injury restores and so regains maximum self-sufficiency. There are three types of rehabilitation they are occupational, physical and speech. Rehabitation Ares are neurological rehabilitation, spinal cord injury rehabilitation, limb loss or deficiency rehabilitation and prosthetics, musculoskeletal rehabilitation.rehabitation phases are control pain and swelling (ice, remove aggravating movement patterns when possible, NSAIDs, ultrasound, e-stim),Begin ROM and resume cardiovascular training, Restore ROM, improve strength and endurance, proprioception, continue cardiovascular training, should be near, Restore strength, add sport specific movements with progression of velocity of these movement patterns to game speed. Return to sport.

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