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However, there has now been a significant shift in thinking about nutrition from a preoccupation with meeting nutrient needs to a concern about its impact on health outcomes, including adult degenerative diseases, cancer, and cognitive function. After smoking, nutrition and exercise (a related province of nutrition) are purported to be the major lifestyle factors associated with cardiovascular morbidity, which has its origins in childhood and is the principal cause of death in the West. This refocusing of paediatric nutrition towards the impact of nutrition on both immediate and long term health has drawn new bio scientific, clinical, epidemiological, and health economic expertise into the field. The evidence on the importance of early nutrition has critical implications for public health and clinical practice, and for service providers and purchasers.Healthy children have the ability to self-regulate the amount of food and energy they consume.  Parents/ caregivers interfere with this regulatory ability when they try to get children to eat certain types or amounts of Adolescents (12 to 18 years. WHO states: It is a time of intense physical, psychosocial, and cognitive development.  Important for prevention of health problems such as obesity, dental caries, iron deficiency, and osteoporosis. Peers influence easily so harder to make healthy choices.

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