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Paediatric surgery is divided into two various types of expertise. They include prenatal surgery and neonatal surgery. Prenatal surgery is a brand-new concept in the field. It deals with a fetus or unborn child. Some defects can already be determined by ultrasounds and other examinations that can be performed on pregnant women. These tests are also often part of fetal care and routine maternal. A paediatric surgeon who specializes in this field usually works closely with radiologists and sonographers. The other type is called as neonatal surgery, which focuses on babies (both premature or full-term) who require surgical procedures typically to correct a congenital abnormality that may prevent them from growing up normally or may be life threatening.  

Paediatric surgery is the surgical branch that uses operative techniques to correct certain paediatric conditions they include congenital abnormalities, tumors, chronic diseases, and traumatic injuries. There are different specialties within the field that include: Paediatric general surgery, paediatric ophthalmology (eye), paediatric otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat), paediatric urology (urogenital system), paediatric orthopaedic (bone) surgery, paediatric plastic (reconstructive and cosmetic) surgery, and paediatric neurological surgery (brain and spinal cord).

Surgeons who specialize in general surgery often provide surgical care for children are called as paediatric surgeons. Paediatric surgeons are fully qualified to perform many operations on children. The paediatric surgeons are trained to treat the entire spectrum of surgical illnesses. They also have particular expertise in the following areas of responsibility: neonatal, parental, trauma and paediatric oncology.

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