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 In Certain diseases the body of small children, such as diabetes, can affect the eyes of children, and the paediatric ophthalmologist addresses these, as well. Determination of the refractive error i.e. testing is performed after dilation in most of children to ascertain in objective measurement. Motility examinations of small children, quantitative measurements of ocular misalignment are necessary for planning medical and surgical management of strabismus.  Surgical Procedures: Probe and Irrigation for congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction (blocked tear duct), Excision of chalaza, Eye muscle surgery for strabismus. Bio microscopy and dilated fundus examinations: These are necessary to investigate for the presence of eye disease associated with systemic diseases such as diabetes, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, genetic abnormalities, Neuro pathology (increased intracranial pressure), as well as specific ocular diseased conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma in children.

The Paediatricians are always check vision with a part of a well-baby examination, and schools predomination vision screenings with vision assessment in children is tricky, even for trained ophthalmologist’s doctors. We get many false-positive with “poor vision” referrals from these sources, but i.e., because early detection in patient is important! The main word “lens” which is named through the lentil which is obtained through the plant (Greek name Lens culinaris) whose 2 – 9 mm disk-shaped seeds bears a remarkable resemblance in the size and shape to the human lens of human. These lens help in the clear vision of the children through the doctor’s advice.

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