Paediatric Nephrology And Urology conference

Nephrologist focuses on the effects of the kidneys, paediatric kidney and urinary tract disorders. It’s common for children to have problems with the urinary tract. These problems can be minor to serious paediatrician or primary care provider can treat them. The urinary and reproductive tracts are closely linked, and disorders of one often affect the other. Urology combines the management of medical conditions, such as urinary-tract infections and benign prostatic hyperplasia, with the management of surgical conditions such as bladder or prostate cancer, kidney stones, congenital abnormalities, traumatic injury, and stress incontinence. Kidney disease also known as nephropathy is damage to or disease of a kidney. Diabetic nephropathy is a progressive kidney disease caused by angioplasty of the capillaries in the glomeruli. Urological techniques include minimally invasive robotic and laparoscopic surgery, laser-assisted surgeries, and other scope-guided procedures.

 The kinder tissues are then examined under a microscope. Kidney biopsy will also be used to monitor response to concerns the surgical treatment of malignant genitourinary diseases such as cancer of the prostate, adrenal glands, bladder, kidneys, ureters, testicles, and penis.Some times less invasive testing may not provide a certain diagnosis. When the kidneys are no longer able to sustain the demands of the body ends stage kidney failure.

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