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The children containing these symptoms should constant doctor i.e.  Children who are well known to be at risk for a genetic condition or syndrome which is because of someone’s health in their family with a genetic condition. The children with a more than one birth defect can be seen, Children with mental retardation that do not have a known cause can be seen and Children with multiple unexplained health problems which are carried from parents are requests evaluation. An accurate genetic diagnosis can have the benefits a child by enabling a better understanding of their prognosis, more personalized treatment and tailored management and surveillance.

A precise genetic diagnosis also enables accurate genetic advice for in individuals and their family members with an increase in the reproductive choice and improved access to give the information and support them from the patient support groups, education, health and social care. The treatment to the children suffering from the Paediatrics Genetics is diagnosing counselling, and treatment with many different kinds of problems which includes the  Birth defects,  Inborn errors of the metabolism Familial changes or hereditary problems with a Short or tall stature. The major goal of the paediatric Genetic counselling is to be explained with the genetic basis which is present behind the children's developmental concerns in a compassionate and articulated manner and which allows the potentially distressed or frustrated parents to easily understand the information of the children and as well as genetic counsellors who normally take a family pedigree, and which summarizes the medical history of the patient's family.

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