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 The most common endocrine disorders are related to problems of the pancreas or the pituitary, thyroid, or adrenal glands. These problems can be caused by either a hormonal imbalance or by tumors.The most common disease of the specialty is type 1 diabetes, which usually accounts for at least 45% of a typical clinical practice. The next common problem is growth disorders. Paediatric endocrinologists are usually the primary Paediatric endocrinology relates to the diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the endocrine system in children and adolescents.

 These include thyroid function, adrenals and obesity, and related complications as well as endocrine cancers .paediatric endocrinology disorders are Diabetes mellitus, Type 1 and Type 2, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Short stature, Disorders of puberty (including precocious puberty and delayed puberty), Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), Turner Syndrome. And the symptoms are increased thirst, Increase urination, Weakness in the legs, Fatigue, Vomiting, Increased appetite, Confusion, Abdominal pain Shortness of breath, Fruity smelling breath, Yeast infection. These can affect growth or pubertal development and have significant effects on a child’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Divisions of paediatric endocrinology Adrenal glands disorders,Adrenoleukodystrophy,Bone and mineral disorders, Childhood obesity, Diabetes, including type 1 and type 2,Growth disorders, Lipid disorders, Multiple endocrine neoplasia, type 1 (MEN 1) and type 2 (MEN 2),Pituitary disorders, Puberty disorders, Thyroid disorders, including thyroid cancer.

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