Child Abuse Paediatrics conference

The paediatricians also works as child protective service agency workers, In addition, child abuse paediatricians carefully review all of the details about the child and why the concern for abuse exists. The evaluation includes speaking to many professionals involved in the care and protection of your child, such as your child’s primary care doctor, therapist, child protective service worker, and police officer. Child abuse paediatricians evaluate many cases each year, and often, the diagnosis is not abuse. Child abuse paediatricians often testify in court to help a judge and jury understand a child’s medical concerns and injuries and what they mean.  Child abuse paediatricians do not decide who has custody of a child or which home the child lives in. Child abuse paediatricians do not arrest people or determine who is “guilty.” Child abuse paediatricians do not decide who is a good or better parent. The most of the childhood injuries are accidental. The emergency medicine provider must be familiar with how inflicted injuries present and how to intervene. Intervention can save the child’s life in the same way protecting an airway or administering antibiotics for meningitis can save a child’s life. The categories of child abuse child abuse and cases, online child abuse, violence against children, teensploitation, child labour, child abandonment. Several potential outcomes of abuse and neglect include poor chronic medical condition, emotional and mental health disorders.

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